OB Projects

We're a full service creative agency that works within various industries on projects focused on - entertainment, digital, e-commerce, influencer brands, influencer apps, content, and the marijuana sector. 

Our services include just about everything: business development, marketing, media strategy, fundraising, branding, media planning, content creation, graphic creation, campaigns, launches, events, media activations, influencer partnerships and more. We enable our projects we partner with to connect and partner with influencers and consumers through non-traditional means to build brand awareness and loyalty. We develop unique projects into brands that pop.

​Our portfolio of projects currently includes: JobSnap, Spylight, Brandable, Inner Circle, BluntBox / Gardens Of Weeden, and BuddFeed Media. 

Every business is unique and every project is different. Contact us today. We hope to work with you soon!

Oliver Bogner, CEO & Head of Partnerships